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American Airlines & US Airways Airbus Auction

Welcome to the 2014 American Airlines & US Airways Airbus Vacation Auction.

100% of all auction proceeds equally benefit two nonprofit organizations
which support employees of American Airlines & US Airways:

The American Airlines and American Eagle Family Fund and The US Airways Education Foundation.

The Family Fund is a public non-profit organization that provides crisis relief assistance to active or former American Airlines, American Eagle and TWA LLC employees and their families due to sudden and unexpected situations that may threaten their health and welfare. For more information about The Family Fund, visit or email

The US Airways Education Foundation supports educational initiatives in communities the airline serves by funding college scholarships to dependents of US Airways airline employees and grants to nonprofit organizations with children’s educational programs. For more information about the Education Foundation, visit or email

* Each package serves as one (1) ticket. No guest travel, accommodations or participation any tour activities are allowed.
*All passengers must be an active US Airways or American Airlines mainline employee at the time of purchase and tour.
*Paid time off will not be provided for the winners; employees must take vacation time to attend.
*Bidders are responsible for reviewing auction item details, legal terms and shipping information prior to bidding.
* Available auction packages are divided into packages for US Airways and American Airlines employees by workgroup for equitable bidding.
* Any winning bids from an employee not associated with their appropriate workgroup or airline will be deemed ineligible and the next eligible winning bid will apply. If you need confirmation of which work group to bid with, email:
* The auction begins at 12:00 noon ET on Monday, February 3 and ends at 12:00 noon ET on Wednesday, February 19.


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